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...The world's first economically sustainable production of germ-free eggs and antibodies.

• Ovagen is a biotechnology company that has developed the process of producing germ free (GF) chicken eggs and GF birds in commercial quantities for use primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. Ovagen can also provide a Contract Research Service and has extensive expertise in SPF poultry & rodent housing & husbandry, in specific poultry & rodent research technologies to GMP standards and in avian transgenics.  

• Germ-free eggs are preferred as currently eggs produced from normal or SPF laying flocks can be infected with bacteria and viruses therefore Germ-free eggs provide many advantages over current sources of eggs including: A safe, biosecure, large scale, flexible and cost effective biomanufacturing platform for the production of vaccines and therapeutic proteins

• No contamination from eggs of batches of vaccines / therapeutic proteins / antisera
- Leads to cost saving and greater continuity of supply of finished product
- Removes risk of egg-derived contamination of pharmaceutical / vaccine manufacturing facilities

• GF eggs are produced to GMP fully compliant with USDA Memo 800.65 and European Pharmacopoeia requirements.

Applications of Germ Free (GF) Eggs/Cells/Tissues

1. Conventional (prophylactic) vaccines
- Whole egg
- Primary cell cultures
- MVA-based (e.g. bioterrorism vaccines)
- Other pox virus based vaccines

2. Therapeutic vaccines
- Cancer vaccines (e.g. MVA-based Cervical (HPV) vaccine, Lung (NSC) vaccines)
- Infections agents (e.g. HIV)

3. Pharmaceutical (e.g. hyaluronic acid, phospholipids)

Ovagen Ovagen
Ovagen Ovagen
Ovagen Ovagen Ovagen Ovagen



First generation germ-free flocks

  • Isolators, Incubators
  • Laboratories
  • Pilot scale (25%) commercial production
  • R&D
  • Head Office


Ovagen Group Limited
Co. Mayo,

T. +353 (0)96 75579
E. info@ovagen.com


1. Antibodies
- Egg derived IgY
- Polyclonal antibody production in a range of species
- Monoclonal antibody production for therapeutics/diagnostics using avian transgenic technology
- Animal immunisation for production of recombinaint antibody fragments

2. Recombinant Proteins
- The avian transgenic platform can be used for general, large-scale production of proteins to GMP quality
- Functional protein yields in excess of 5mg/ml

3. SPF housing
- Customised maintenance of avian and rodent species to SPF standards
- Maintenance of specialised SPF avian flocks
- Rederivitisation of avian and rodent species to SPF, Gnotobiotic or Germ Free status

4. Other Services
- Supply of Germ Free avian products
- Supply of avian and rodent serum/plasma
- Production of egg yolk for semen extenders



Fully self contained

  • Fully equipped and dedicated transgenic laboratory
  • High definition imaging system and microinjection capabilities
  • Dedicated incubation facilities
  • 1000msq SPF housing
Ovagen   Ovagen
Ovagen Ovagen
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