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ProcessBenefitsWhat is Germ Free?
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Completely, 100% free of bacteria
  • No gut flora, no skin bacteria/fungi/parasites
  • Exceed all SPF standards for viruses & mycoplasma
  • Unique production system (ultra-level of biosecurity) for management of flocks
  • Not susceptible to disease outbreaks (full biosecurity - even against HPAI)
  • Assured continuity of supply
How are they derived?
  • GF mammals are derived by caesarean section into sterile environment
  • GF birds are derived by similar process removing the egg before it enters the cloaca. SPF birds are used as parents
  • The first-generation GF egg is premature and requires specific incubation conditions
Subsequent generations breed naturally. Maintained in microbiologically sterile environment
  • HEPA filtered positive pressure air
  • Sterilised bedding, food and water (gamma irradiation)
  • Housed in specialised isolators or biosecure rooms (up to 4,000 birds)
  • Traditional floor system of housing (no cages)
  • Birds and eggs are kept free from infection (maximum biosecurity)
  • Highly automated system including egg collection & packing
  • Daily monitoring for absence of bacteria (provides instant warning of any loss of GF or SPF status)
GF Egg Production Characteristics
  • GF chickens breed naturally, similar productivity to SPF parent stock
  • Hatchability meets or exceeds SPF (mean hatchability for GF >92%)
  • Exceed USDA Memo 800.65 and European Pharmacopoeia requirements
  • GMP compliant



New Facilities (2500msq)

  • First generation germ-free flocks
  • Isolators, Incubators
  • Laboratories
  • Pilot scale (25%) commercial production
  • R&D
  • Head Office

Lower Floor Provides:

  • SPF flocks
  • Large Germ-Free (GF) Isolators
  • GF suite for flock of 1000 birds
  • GF 'space' suits & decontamination showers
  • GF feed handling
  • GF egg collection & packaging

Upper Floor Provides:

  • SPF showers
  • Incubating/Hatching Isolators
  • Transport Isolators
  • Laboratories & QA
  • Head Offices
  • Site BMS & IT facilities

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