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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Ovagen Group Limited recently attended the 11th Annual Avian Model Systems Conference at the University of Plymouth, UK (11-14SEP2023).  It was a wonderful four days of fantastic avian research presentations ranging from developmental biology and evolution to immunology, novel techniques, and the application of avian models in biomedical research, diagnostics, and vaccine production. The plenary discussion and the subsequent PI meeting highlighted the strength and breadth of the avian research community, and the desire to forge a closer network with an online platform and regional resource centres.

At the global meeting, Dr. Martin Murphy presented a flash talk entitled: A novel method for the production of the world’s first avian Germ Free Eggs and a poster was prepared for exhibition at the meeting.  There were three poster exhibition sessions at the meeting which was a great opportunity for Ovagen to present and discuss the unique advantages of germ free eggs in eliminating contamination in vaccine manufacture and in increasing the viral yield per egg. The diverse applications of Germ Free eggs for vaccine manufacture, oncology, CDMO’s CRO’s and research applications was highlighted.  Attendance by Ovagen management at future global vaccine conferences and scientific meetings is planned for 2023/2024.