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100% germ free eggs for use in production of human and animal vaccines

Ovagen is a biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary process of producing Germ Free chicken eggs and Germ Free birds in commercial quantities for use primarily in the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry.

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Production of Germ Free eggs and therapeutic proteins for vaccine and medical manufacturing

Our innovative disruptive technology will be a game changer for the vaccine industry. Currently eggs produced from clean or SPF laying flocks can be infected with bacteria and viruses therefore Germ Free eggs provide many advantages over current sources of eggs including: A safe, biosecure, large scale, flexible and cost effective biomanufacturing platform for the production of vaccines and therapeutic proteins.

Zero contamination from Germ Free eggs and increased viral yield
– Leads to cost saving and greater continuity of supply and superior quality vaccines
– Removes the risk of egg-derived contamination of vaccines, eliminating batch losses and ensuring companies can meet demand.  This is essential as the world comes to grips with COVID-19 and future pandemics creating enormous demand for vaccines

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Bacteria free eggs for human and animal vaccines

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Awarded EIC Seal of Excellence

Ovagen Group Limited secures €10 million funding award from EIC Accelerator fund.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Second time in 3 years Ballina-based company has received EIC Accelerator funding Follows the announcement of developing the world’s first bacteria free (‘germfree’) eggs in April. Positions Ovagen as a potential world-leader in the production of germ-free eggs, 22nd June 2022, Ballina, Mayo, Ireland – Biotechnology company Ovagen Group Limited has again … Continue reading Ovagen Group Limited secures €10 million funding award from EIC Accelerator fund.

Ovagen Receives a Second European Innovation Council (EIC) Grant

On 17th June 2022 Ovagen Group Ltd. was selected by the European Commission for €10M in grant and equity funding in what was the most competitive round of European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator funding to date, with only 7% of the over 1,000 companies across Europe being funded.  This is the second time Ovagen has … Continue reading Ovagen Receives a Second European Innovation Council (EIC) Grant

Ovagen Group Limited Announce the Launch of the World’s First Germ-Free Egg

This innovative and disruptive technology will set a new ‘gold standard in the market’ eliminating bacterial contamination and potential for increased viral yield in egg based vaccine manufacture This ground-breaking development will support the manufacturing of vaccines and scientific research These bacteria, or ‘germfree’, eggs will be available for commercial sale in Q2 this year … Continue reading Ovagen Group Limited Announce the Launch of the World’s First Germ-Free Egg

Customer Endorsements

“We are Vaccine Producers and use eggs as base for some of our manufacturing lines. It will certainly be amazing to us if we could have a completely bacteria free egg. It is the best scenario for vaccine production, for sure.”

Production Director, Viral Vaccine Manufacturer

“We produce influenza vaccine, we currently use SPF eggs for production of viral seed material. We find bacterial contaminants within these SPF eggs. This can have a big impact on our production schedules. I would be interested in exploring the use of your 100% bacterial free eggs”

Process Scientific Expert, Influenza Vaccine Manufacturer

“We still encounter a failure rate through contamination of up to 20%. One contaminated egg ruins an entire batch which has obvious cost implications for the company. We would be prepared to pay a premium price for superior quality eggs from Ovagen, which would offset the cost of contamination”

President, Infectious Diseases Vaccine Manufacturer

“We are interested in your Germ Free eggs due to the quantity of contaminated material that we attribute to bacterial contamination of the eggs”

Team Leader, Viral Vaccine Manufacturer

“We spend a significant amount of resources in tracking, trending and generally trying to control bioburden levels in the vaccine production process that is inherent in our SPF eggs and we see issues with specific flocks”

Corporate Quality Control, Influenza Vaccine Manufacturer

“Due to the known difficulties with SPF eggs, we are highly interested in your Germ Free technology”

Project manager, Virus based Vaccine Producer