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Ovagen Key Scientific & Financial Milestones

Ovagen Key Scientific & Financial Milestones

2000 – 2004

Concept defined and ongoing R & D

Independent market research and initial BES investment rounds of €1.4M. 

Perfecting the surgical procedure with the technical expertise of a world expert in Germ Free technology and a very experienced surgical team. Design of bespoke Germ Free isolators. Validation of test methods for microbiology screening. 

2004 – 2008
2007 – 2008

Extensive market research with large multinational pharmaceutical companies confirms value proposition and market size. Acquired a seven-acre site for new avian facility, detailed design and planning application for Phase 1 building. Funding round of €8M completed. 

Achievement of proof of concept of Germ Free eggs. Independent verification of Germ Free status by International organisations.

2009 – 2013

Production of Germ Free eggs from three generations of Germ Free birds. Global patent protection received. Phase 1 planning application approved and 2,560 sqm state-of-the-art avian facility completed. Total funding raised to date increases to €12M. Awarded EU Framework 7 funding for work on Avian Transgenic Technology and isolation of bone marrow stem cells. 

Funding to date increased to €13.8M. Detailed design of two additional production facilities and a logistics building completed. Planning application granted for all commercial production facilities. Validation of work and design of bespoke avian production isolators to initiate development of initial Germ Free flock and pilot scale Germ Free egg production. Pipeline of customer enquiries demonstrating strong market pull and urgent need for our Germ Free product. H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 funding application sought. Establishment of transgenic laboratory. Establishment of first transgenic chicken line expressing recombinant antibody for purification of stem cells. 

2014 – 2018

H2020 SME Inst. Phase 2 funding of €2.356,812 secured to allow pilot scale production of Germ Free eggs for customer evaluation Q4 2021. 

Management team expanded to include the addition of a senior project director, a financial controller, a specialist poultry veterinarian and a number of other personnel with relevant technical expertise.