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About Us

About Us


About Us

The Ovagen team has a wealth of technical, operational, financial and management experience.  Our Research and Development team has 100 years of combined life-sciences related R&D experience.

Ovagen is a biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary process of producing Germ Free chicken eggs and Germ Free birds in commercial quantities for use primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company also specialises in avian transgenic technology and has a fully equipped transgenic laboratory. Ovagen offers a custom high quality IgY antibody service.

Ovagen has an extensive patent portfolio and strong IP for the process by which it produces Germ Free eggs.

The company has achieved proof of concept and produced Germ Free eggs from three generations of Germ Free birds. The company has built a state-of-the-art avian facility on its seven acre site which will be used to produce the initial flocks of Germ Free birds and Germ Free eggs for customer evaluation and viral yield analysis in Q4 2021/ Q4 2022. Plans are in place to build two additional Germ Free production facilities and a logistics building, to scale up production and commercialise the business.

This will enable the production of 4 million Germ Free eggs from our Irish site.

To produce Germ Free eggs on a large-scale, Ovagen will use biosafety decontamination techniques and best-practice poultry husbandry methods meeting directive 2010/63/EU

Sectors Targeted:

    • Vaccine Industry
    • Research Institutes
    • Diagnostic
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biopharma